Due to the labour dispute between the BCTF and BCPSEA, the Vancouver school district is unable to proceed with CE summer school courses and programs.

Refunds for all CE summer course fees will be processed in the next few weeks.

Welcome Vancouver School Board (VSB) Continuing Education Students,

The Vancouver School Board (VSB) is transferring the operation of its Continuing Education courses to the Continuing Studies (CS) Division of Langara College effective this September. This will enable important cost savings by combining the marketing and administration of both the VSB and the Langara Continuing Studies courses. Our intent is to continue offering much the same or similar assortment of courses under the banner name: “Langara CS at VSB.” These courses will continue to be offered in VSB locations and at the same current prices.

If you have any questions about your enrolment in past CE courses (older than three years) that information will continue to be available from VSB. If you’re currently working toward a VSB CE Certificate or Diploma, this will be converted into a Langara CS at VSB certificate, and your past work will still be good. We’ll soon be providing informational FAQs on the Langara CS website to provide more information.

Since the VSB catalogue will no longer be published, information about VSB CE programs will be included in the Langara CS Catalogue and on the Langara Continuing Studies website - starting with the Fall 2014 (September to December) Semester. The catalogue will be distributed in Mid-July and the website will roll over to show the Fall schedule on July 7th at:


Registration begins at 9 am on July 16th. To register for a "Langara CS at VSB" course you’ll need to have a Langara Student ID number. Call 604.323.5322 and our helpful Langara staff will look after your registration. If you already have a Langara Student ID number, you can register for your courses online by logging in through the Langara Home Page at:


Your important contact information is:

604.323.5322 - CS Registration Phone Number

Online CS Course Listings (Langara CS at VSB courses will be listed together under a separate tab) at:


Please feel free to call with any questions you may have.

Although initially you’ll see very little change in the CE Course offerings you know and love, in the long run the alliance with Langara should enable us to increase your opportunities for life-long learning in the City of Vancouver - a proud tradition of more than 100 years standing.

Welcome to Langara CS at VSB!


Daniel Thorpe
Dean, Continuing Studies